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Method Invocations

Tokenizer is able to locate invocations and given parameters for class methods and functions.

Use Spiral\Tokenizer\InvocationsInterface to gain access to such functionality.


Locate all usages of dump function:

public function indexAction(InvocationsInterface $invocations)
    dump($invocations->getInvocations(new \ReflectionFunction('dump')));

Locate all messages of say method of TranslatorTrait and dump it's parameters:

use TranslatorTrait;

public function indexAction(InvocationsInterface $invocations)
    $invocations = $invocations->getInvocations(new \ReflectionMethod(

    foreach ($invocations as $invocation) {


Note, current implementation is only capable of locating constructions like self::method(), $this->method() and static::method(), tree based resolutions are currently not implemented (AST support is required).