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Dark Syntax

Spiral Stempler engine ships with XML/HTML syntax used to defined imports, extends and use tags. Following sections describe what constructions are available for you in your dark views.

Extends declaration

You can declare that your view extends specific parent using following constructions:

<extends:path.to.layout block="value"/>

To include namespace use additional ":" separator:

<extends:namespace:path.to.layout block="value"/>

If you want to define layout as string use path or dark:path attributes:

<extends path="namespace:path/to/layout" block="value"/>
<extends dark:path="namespace:path/to/layout" block="value"/>
<extends layout="namespace:path/to/layout" block="value"/>
<extends dark:path="namespace:path/to/layout" block="value"/>

Extends have multiple aliases for people who love freedom:

<dark:extends path="namespace:path/to/layout" block="value"/>
<layout:extends path="namespace:path/to/layout" block="value"/>

Attention, attributes "path" and "layout" are reserved for extends declaration and can not be used for block definition.

Use declaration

Stempler and dark syntax provides you ability to declare use of external view a form of virtual tag/widget, there is multiple ways to declare such use:

Alias based

If you want to import external view under specific name use:

<dark:use path="path/to/view" as="tag-name"/>

Available alternatives:

<dark:use path="path/to/view" as="tag-name"/>
<use path="path/to/view" as="tag-name"/>
<node:use path="path/to/view" as="tag-name"/>
<stempler:use path="path/to/view" as="tag-name"/>

Importing directory of widgets

To import all views from a directory you must define prefix all imported views:

<dark:use path="path/to/directory" prefix="prefix."/>

Use view from this directory via prefix:


You can include namespace into path.

Following declarations are shortcuts to define directory with xml like namespace:

<dark:use path="path/to/directory" prefix="prefix:"/>
<dark:use path="path/to/directory" namespace="prefix"/>

Bundle import

To import file which contain other "use" declarations replace path with "bundle" attribute:

<dark:use bundle="namespace:path/to/bundle-file"/>

Block declaration

Dark Syntax provides multiple alternatives used to make your templates more expressive, every definition is identical to others:


You can also use block definitions as placeholders when default content is empty:


"yield" is preferred keyword when you use a block as placeholder.

Short Block declaration

Some blocks can be defined using regexp like fashion "${name|default value}":

<div class="${div-class|default-class}"></div>