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Accessors and Filters

To automatically typecast your value into specific format use DataEntity getters, setters and accessors.

Filters and Accessors

ODM will automatically associate appropriate setter for your fields in order to ensure that data is properly type-casted before storing in database, locate default association mapping in app/config/schemas/documents:

     * Set of mutators to be applied for specific field types.
    'mutators' => [
        'int'      => ['setter' => 'intval'],
        'float'    => ['setter' => 'floatval'],
        'string'   => ['setter' => 'strval'],
        'bool'     => ['setter' => 'boolval'],

        //Automatic casting of mongoID
        'ObjectID' => ['setter' => [ODM::class, 'mongoID']],

        'array::string'    => ['accessor' => ODMAccessors\StringArray::class],
        'array::objectIDs' => ['accessor' => ODMAccessors\ObjectIDsArray::class],
        'array::integer'   => ['accessor' => ODMAccessors\IntegerArray::class],

        'timestamp' => ['accessor' => Accessors\UTCMongoTimestamp::class],
     * Mutator aliases can be used to declare custom getter and setter filter methods.
    'aliases'  => [
        //Id aliases
        'MongoId'                        => 'ObjectID',
        'objectID'                       => 'ObjectID',
        \MongoDB\BSON\ObjectID::class    => 'ObjectID',

        \MongoDB\BSON\UTCDateTime::class => 'timestamp',

        //Scalar typ aliases
        'integer'                        => 'int',
        'long'                           => 'int',
        'text'                           => 'string',

        //Array aliases
        'array::int'                     => 'array::integer',
        'array::MongoId'                 => 'array::objectIDs',
        'array::ObjectID'                => 'array::objectIDs',
        'array::MongoDB\BSON\ObjectID'   => 'array::objectIDs'


Custom Filters

To associate filter with entity value use constants SETTERS and GETTERS:

const SETTERS = [
    'name' => 'ucfirst'

MongoId fields

Any MongoId or ObjectId field will be automatically converted into proper MongoDB object:

$user->group_id = '507f1f77bcf86cd799439011';


Scalar Arrays

If you wish to store array of values in your object use scalar array definition with support of atomic operations:

class User extends Document
    const SCHEMA = [
        'tags' => array['string']

All scalar are solid by default, disable solid state to work with data in atomic way.


Scalar arrays will typecast your value into proper format, following types are available:

  'tags'    => array['string'],
  'numbers' => array['integer'],
  'ids'     => array[ObjectId::class]

Mongo Datetime

Set your field type as timestamp or UTCMongoTimestamp to enable embedded MongoTimestamp accessor:

class User extends Document
    const SCHEMA = [
        'timeRegistered' => UTCMongoTimestamp::class
$user->timeRegistered = 'now';

All date times are stored in UTC timezone in your database.

Timestamps Trait

Use TimestampsTrait to automatically add and update timeCreated and timeUpdated properties of your model.

class User extends Document
    use TimestampsTrait;