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Vault administration panel provides ability use regular application controllers inside Security enviroment with set of pre-created visual elements like grids, tabs, forms and other. Vault module is based on a set of Materialize CSS styles.


composer require spiral/vault
spiral register spiral/vault

Add following bootloader to your application:


You can tweak Vault behaviour (route, middlewares), create new navigation sections or register your own controllers via app/config/modules/vault.php configuration file.

If you wish to play with Vault without configuring security rules (development only):



In order to add your custom controller to be run under vault and enable authorization check simply register it into app/config/modules/vault config:

'controllers' => [
    'sample' => SampleController::class

To create navigation item modify navigation section of vault config:

'navigation'  => [
    'my-section' => [
        'title' => 'My Controllers',
        'icon'  => 'tab',
        'items' => [
            'sample' => ['title' => 'Sample Controller'],

Once completed you can access your controller via /vault/sample URL.


Controller access will be managed by security component. Vault will automatically generate permission based on registered controller alias and vault guard namespace (see config) - vault.sample.

In order to allow access to this controller only for specific user roles:

public function boot(PermissionsInterface $permissions)

    $permissions->associate('admin', "vault.*", AllowRule::class);

    $permissions->associate('admin', "vault.sample", AllowRule::class);    

Elements included

Vault panel includes set of view widgets available when you extend layout vault.layout:

<extends:vault.layout title="[[Sample Dashboard]]"/>

In-Vault Uri tag (URL automatically resolved via Vault route):

<vault:uri target="controller:action" options="<?= ['id' => 123] ?>" icon="icon" class="...">

Cards and blocks:

<vault:card color="blue-grey darken-2" text="white">
    <p>There is an issue with something.</p>

<vault:block title="Title">

Forms (ajax):

<vault:form action="<?= vault()->uri('countries:edit', ['id' => $entity->id]) ?>">
    <div class="row">
        <div class="col s7">
            <form:input label="[[Country:]]" name="name" value="<?= e($entity->name) ?>"/>
        <div class="col s5">
            <form:input label="[[Country Code:]]" name="code" value="<?= e($entity->code) ?>"/>
    <div class="right-align">
        <input type="submit" value="[[UPDATE]]" class="btn teal waves-effect waves-light"/>



<extends:vault:layout title="[[Vault]]"/>


        <!--Primary information about user account-->
        <tab:item id="info" title="User Information" icon="user">
            <div class="row">
                <div class="col s6">
                            <form:input label="abc"/>

                <div class="col s6">
                    <vault:card color="blue-grey darken-2" text="white">
                        <p>There is an issue with something.</p>

        <!--Additional information about user account-->
        <tab:item id="extra" title="Extra Information">
            extra user information <vault:uri target="controller:action">link</vault:uri>




 * @return string
protected function indexAction(PostsSource $source)
    return $this->views->render('admin/posts/list', [
        'posts' => $source->findActive()->paginate(5)
<extends:vault:layout title="Posts"/>

    <vault:grid source="<?= $posts ?>" as="post">
        <grid:cell label="ID:" value="<?= $post->id ?>"/>
        <grid:cell label="Time Created:" value="<?= $post->time_created ?>"/>
        <grid:cell label="Title:" value="<?= $post->title ?>"/>

        <grid:cell.bool label="Published:" value="<?= $post->isPublished() ?>"/>

        <grid:cell style="text-align: right">
            <vault:uri target="posts:edit" options="<?= ['id' => $post->id] ?>"
                       class="waves-effect btn-flat" icon="edit"/>


There is also Advanced Grid implementation with search and filtering abilities.