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SchemaLocator shortcuts

Some components can be accessed from container skipping usage of get method. Use SharedTrait trait in order to enable __get proxy.

public function indexAction()
    //"db" points to `Database` via shortcut

SharedTrait already used in base Controller and Service classes.

Shortcuts defined in Spiral\Core\Bootloaders\SpiralBootloader

Common Components:

Binding/Alias Component
memory Spiral\Core\MemoryInterface
container Spiral\Core\ContainerInterface (Factory + Interop Container)
logs Spiral\Debug\LogsInterface
files Spiral\Files\FilesInterface
tokenizer Spiral\Tokenizer\TokenizerInterface
locator Spiral\Tokenizer\ClassesInterface
invocationLocator Spiral\Tokenizer\InvocationsInterface


Binding/Alias Component
permissions Spiral\Security\PermissionsInterface
rules Spiral\Security\RulesInterface
actor Spiral\Security\ActorInterface

Framework Components:

Binding/Alias Component
encrypter Spiral\Encrypter\EncrypterInterface
translator Spiral\Translator\TranslatorInterface
views Spiral\Views\ViewManager
http Spiral\Http\HttpDispatcher
console Spiral\Console\ConsoleDispatcher
storage Spiral\Storage\StorageInterface


Binding/Alias Component
dbal Spiral\Database\DatabaseManager
odm Spiral\ODM\ODM
orm Spiral\ORM\ORM
db Spiral\Database\Entities\Database (default database)
mongo Spiral\ODM\Entities\MongoDatabase (default database)

HTTP Scope Only:

Binding/Alias Component
paginators Spiral\Pagination\PaginatorsInterface
request Psr\Http\Message\ServerRequestInterface
session Spiral\Session\SessionInterface
input Spiral\Http\Input\InputManager
cookies Spiral\Http\Cookies\CookieQueue
response Spiral\Http\Response\ResponseWrapper

Only inside Routes:

Binding/Alias Component
router Spiral\Http\Routing\RouterInterface
route Spiral\Http\Routing\RouteInterface

Shortcuts will work in a static IoC scope when no local container is available. Read more about scopes here.

Use proper IDE to maximize shortcuts output:

Short Bindings


Consider shortcuts as temporary replacement for a proper class dependency, any shortcut can be rewritten using proper DI:

class HomeController extends Controller //or ControllerInterface
    private $views;

    public function __construct(ViewsInterface $views)
        $this->views = $views;

    public function indexAction()


You can enable shortcuts in any of your class by using SharedTrait which defines __get method. Such trait already used by Controllers, Commands and Services.

use SharedTrait;

public function indexAction(ViewsInterface $views)
    dump($this->views === $this->container->get('views'));
    dump($this->views === $views);

    echo $this->views->render(...);

Attention, SharedTrait requires method iocContainer() to be defined. Extend Componen class in order to enable such method in your classes or define it manually.