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Use Dumper class or function dump to view content of your variables and instances without xDebug:

protected function indexAction(Dumper $dumper, MemcacheStore $memcacheStore)
protected function indexAction(MemcacheStore $memcacheStore)


The Spiral Dumper supports the __debugInfo method which allows you to dump only important information.

To hide certain fields of your objects without __debugInfo method, add an "@invisible" annotation to your property.

class TestService extends Service
     * Dumping this property will give us nothing, so we can hide it.
     * @invisible
     * @var ContainerInterface
    protected $container = null;

Dump function support multiple return and destination options.

protected function indexAction(MemcacheStore $memcacheStore)
    //Output buffer
    dump($memcacheStore, Dumper::OUTPUT_ECHO);

    //Dump information in Spiral\Debug\Debugger log using print_r
    dump($memcacheStore, Dumper::OUTPUT_LOG);

    //Dump information in Spiral\Debug\Debugger log with nice formatting
    dump($memcacheStore, Dumper::OUTPUT_LOG_NICE);

    //Return dump as string
    $dump = dump($memcacheStore, Dumper::OUTPUT_RETURN);