High performance PHP/Go framework

Open sourced under MIT license

Powerful database layer and ORM with scaffolding

Good for Multilingual Applications

Off the shelf support for SQL or NoSQL

Built on top of Symfony and Zend Components

Golang integrations

The Modern PHP7 Framework

The Spiral PHP framework provides an open and modular Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment, numerous database tools, code re-usability, extremely friendly IoC, super fast IDE integration, PSR-7, simple syntax and easy to customize scaffolding mechanisms.

ORM and Databases

Optimized to get the most from your databases and help you build a powerful ORM layer without worrying about repeating activities such as writing migrations. It will do it for you.

Support for NoSQL and Hybrid Databases

Use NoSQL solutions in combination with classic relational databases to get the most from your data storages and scale your project up.

Symfony and Zend Based

Spiral is based on a set of enterprise level components (Zend Diactoros, Symfony Translation, Symfony Finder, Symfony Console) to make sure that your code is properly supported.


CSRF protection, SQL injection projection and XSS prevention. Includes a professionally written encryption library.

Multilingual support

Spiral has been built by multilingual team which knows how to localize your websites in a most efficient way.

Cloud Ready

Spiral can easily store and manage content in the cloud and works with Amazon, Rackspace and GridFS storages.

Solid and Stable

Developed over the last 5 years, rock solid architecture, and extremely well tested.

Open Architecture

Build MVC, HMVC or ADR applications or swap out the application layers entirely. You aren’t limited with what you want to do.

IDE Friendly

Spiral is optimized to help you work quickly inside modern IDEs by providing simple abstractions and ide helpers.

Powerful and Flexible HMVC Framework

You can use as much or as little of Spiral as you need to create, organize, and use your data any way you want.

We’re engineers like you and designed Spiral to make an engineer's life easier without sacrificing on the possibilities. Spiral lets you make the best use of your time and focus on what matters most: solid, flexible, and interoperable databases.